Mussoorie International School


The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. -Sydney J Harris

Mussoorie International School has been standing as an iconic institution in the field of education for last 35 years. Every year we have achieved a new milestone in holistic development as well in our integrated education area, we are in no competition with our counter parts, we more or less compete with ourselves so each year we are able to leave footprints for later generations to follow.


"The pedagogy is competent and contemporary. It serves as the best preparation for further studies in the finest universities of the world. Activity based experiential learning is facilitated across all classes. Every student participates and contributes to the smart class curriculum."

We enable our children to meet their developmental milestones in respect to their aspects of their growth like Emotional quotient, Intelligence quotient, Technological quotient, Physical Quotient.

In academic curriculum we at MIS emphasize on both content and skill. The curriculum is child centered and encourages an integrated approach where children see linkages across various curriculum areas and are able to relate classroom learning to real life situations. Our curriculum follows blooms taxonomy pedagogy with the strong progressive education structure. “High order thinking’’ is the aim of each lesson plan. Curriculum also takes in regard slow learner through IEP and PEP programs.

We do not have one strategy for all but follow different strategy for children with different learning abilities. One strategy that we found worked for our board students

and help yield better results was the completion of the syllabus well in time and continued self evaluation- both oral and written and perform enhancement plans that help us create toppers.

Our students other than academics develop keen sense of appreciation of the final aspects of life through exposure to the arts, through Music, Visual Arts and aesthetic vocational courses. There is a plethora of musical groups, choirs and instrumental classes to learn from and many opportunities for girls to shine on stage in inter or intra school events. With rich cultural, curriculum we also have physical health improvement programs which are taken care by our physical education department.

Today, MIS is a imparting Traditional Values with a Modern Outlook from 27 countries across the world. Our greatest achievements are our students who become perfect individuals by means of morals, ethics, and values and understand our rich culture and tradition when they come out of our school.

We plan to continue building on our strengths and be the school of choice for parents from India and abroad looking to expose their children to an educational experience that is uniquely Indian but incorporating international best practices.

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