Mission And Vision

Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To provide a platform to each girl to explore her latent talent in the desired field.

Our Mission

Inspiring our girls to be fearless leaders and global citizens of integrity by promoting a culture of enduring educational excellence, international mindedness, wellbeing in a caring, happy, secure and spiritual environment enriched with the values of discipline, mutual care, respect and tolerance.

Our Motto

Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt

– Rigveda 3.62.10

'WHO (यो) (we pray to) propel (प्रचोदयात्) our (नः) intellect (धियो)

on the Divine-righteous path to unfold spiritual potentiality and enlightenment.

To impart an integral education, that is global and all-comprehensive, based on a strong foundation of Indian tradition, culture and values.

Integral education means complete and total education, taking into account the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development of the child.

Global connotes an ‘Institution with a Global perspective’ that uses the latest pedagogical techniques and achieves learning outcomes that cater to children coming from different parts of the world, who eventually bond and learn to live together in harmony.

All-comprehensive means the education is holistic that imparts global knowledge as well as instils in the students the virtues, right attitude and approach to lead a fulfilling and balanced life.

For the all-round development of the students, the school focuses on:

The school stands out for not only giving wings but also keeping the children grounded by inculcating morals, ethics, values and respect for our rich culture.

At MIS, we believe education should empower children to live a balanced and happy life. We endeavour to build strong character that help students understand and appreciate the right values.

To mould the character of our students, and groom them into balanced individuals, we work towards imparting what the World Health Organization describes as the nine major life skills:

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