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Robotics - A strong robotics curriculum can potentially “build” the leaders of tomorrow! It enables the students to explore different learning experiences and perceive education as an exciting opportunity. It is essential to equip students to adapt to the innovations in the field of technology, to help them learn holistically, enhance their problem solving capacity and promote creativity.

Theatre Club – Theatre activities inculcate and nurture many attributes among young individuals like self esteem, communication skills, stage confidence, empathy, diction, etc. It is with this exact view point the theatre activity club was conceived at MIS. The theatre club of MIS actively engages in various school activities and participates in inter-school events throughout the year.

Interact Club – The main motive of the Interact club is to make the students aware of different issues concerning society so that they are ready to face them head-on in the future. Also, it provides different opportunities to the students which inculcate values of empathy, sympathy, and concern for the well being of the society. This will ultimately mould them to become responsible citizens of the country, by touching others’ lives and making a difference.

Photography club – The photography club of MIS was ‘visualised’ with an objective to develop and hone the skills of still photography, capture school life on camera & learn to appreciate the art form. Members of this club are responsible for curating photographs of different day to day events and activities in school, which are later published in school magazines and journals. Our students also actively participate in different photography competitions held all over the country.

Gardening club - Staying close to mother nature is one of the most important values that we try to instill in our students. The students participate in the gardening club to extend their learning opportunities and use their green fingers to help nurture the environment! Gardening is a great medium for the students to gain hands-on experience and bear the well-deserved fruits (and flowers!) of their labor.

Debate club – The school debate club encourages and helps students understand the importance of analytical thinking, voicing their opinions, and most importantly developing confidence in public speaking.

Literary club – The school literary club helps the students in gaining knowledge and exploring their skills of penmanship. The aim is to nurture their literary wisdom and give their writings a forum for expression. The student members of the literary club are responsible for curating school newsletters, journals and in-house magazines.

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