Club Performing - Girls Boarding School




The Art club stimulates creativity through imagination in the art work,sculpture making and creating 3-D dimensional work.



The Theatre Club showcases multiple talents of students .It provides students with an opportunity to act on stage or work backstage on lights,sound sets, props, costumes, and make-up.In addition, students serve as stage managers and coordinates various theatrical shows.



Girls can choose different types of Instruments according to the interest of the students such as Sitar, Violin, Drums, Keyboard, Jaideepbela, Harmonium etc.



Girls who learn dance are more self-motivated, disciplined and focused. They are more expressive in their communication of emotions,thoughts and feelings. We provide wide choice to the girls such as Kathak,Bharatnatyam,Odissi,Folk etc.



Girls are provided with choice between Western and Classical learning keeping in mind their interest.






Blogging Club helps MIStars to showcase their weekly activities and it also helps them to polish their writing skills, reviewing others work and offering constructive feedback.



The debating club helps the girls in researching, organizing and presenting information in a convincing manner and develop high-order thinking and critical thinking.



Throughout the year, we design, build, and program robots to enter into national competition. Various facets of engineering are explored through project-based learning.



Nature Club helps the girls to connect to ‘Mother Earth’. The Nature Club conducts various activities such as Van Mahotsav, World Water Day, Environmental Day, Earth Day, etc.



Science Club exposes students to various ideas & technology used in the scientific world and provide them a platform to showcase their talent as budding scientists and researchers of the future.



Mathematics club promotes mathematics as a tool for learning, and encourage new ideas and ways of attaining personal goals



Business Club creates informed, prudent and visionary financially independent Individuals, leading to financial wellness and Nation Building. Interact Club Promotes Integrity,Goodwill and peace globally Photography Club Photography Club develops the art of expression of emotions through lens, fostering and encouraging student growth of artistic vision and a creative connection between the eye and the Camera. Roast Club Roast Club provides a platform to the students to voice their opinion. The Roast Club is an Interactive Club that is vibrant with agency to students,that is, embedded with the choice, voice and ownership of the citizens of tomorrow.

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