Food and Nutrition

At MIS we serve a purely vegetarian diet to our students. The multi-cuisine food is prepared by our expert in-house catering staff in a hygienic kitchen, abiding by all the safety protocols. Our kitchen staff takes special caution and care for students with food allergies. Concerned about the fact that many students and staff are sensitive to nuts, gluten, dairy and other foods, they strive to keep these needs in mind while planning the menu.

Student menu is designed in consultation with the nutritionist and dining hall committee, which consist of students and staff as well. We serve five meals a day which includes breakfast, the juice break, lunch, teatime snack, dinner, as well as milk and cookies before bed.

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Rooted to Indian ethos and values, we commence all meals chanting ‘Gayatri Mantra’ to radiate positivity and inculcate gratitude.

The food is served by the senior students, which instills in them the values of service before self and equality. Our dining hall is a reflection of the idea "what you eat is what you become". The food is not only carefully prepared keeping in mind the nutritional requirements and holistic growth of every child, but is also immensely delicious and appetizing!

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