MIS is a unique institution that upholds Indian culture and values, creating a blend of traditional Indian morals and 21st century outlook. An exciting and learning curriculum, inspiring teachers along with an international mix of student makes MIS the school of choice for girls.

As our girls put it – I am, and forever will be a MIStar.

At MIS, every student identifies herself as a MIStar.

Every girl studying at MIS is unique and special in her own way, keeping their individuality intact, each one of them not just identifiesthemselves as MIStar but are proud to be one. Creative, intelligent, fun, independent and strong-headed are some of the unique features that are common to all our MIStars.

The cheerful laughter and the unique qualities of each of our MIStars is what make MIS an abode of learning where each student grows to her complete potential. Keeping traditional values as the core of her upbringing, a MIStar is someone who imbibes a modern outlook and works hard towards achieving her goals. A MIStar is someone who refines her talents and maximises her potential while being sensitive and helpful towards others.Meeting people from around the world, she not only makes friends for life but also learns and understands about different cultures across the world. Her learning is not just limited to the confines of a classroom but she learns through travel and exchange programs where she expands her knowledge about different customs and cultures. Giving her international exposure to various cultures, curriculums and opportunities, we make sure that our MIStars are always well guided and informed, so that they can be at par with their international peers.

The traditions and values at MIS are as integral as the academic curriculum. A MIStar is someone who develops her spiritual quotient through the weekly havans. These havans aim at not only spreading peace and positivity but helps her to lead a happy and positive life. With opportunities in form of Talent fiesta, Founder’s Day and Annual Sports Day, our MIStars use these platforms to bring forward their unique talents through a wide spectrum of activities. It is a platform where they not only exhibit their special set of skills, but also take a step forward towards their holistic development and capacity building.

Working to the best of her abilities, a MIStar is someone with a voice and a vision. Standing up for herself while supporting and caring for others, she is a woman of substance who has the potential to become a global leader of tomorrow. A perfect blend of talent and poise;creativity, dance and theatre become her tool of expression. Her journey helps her discover her talents and capabilities where she finds her true passion and grows academically and socially. She is a girl who will try new experiences and take on the exceptional opportunities that comes her way. MIS contributes towards the growth of every single girl who becomes a part of the MIS family while having a positive impact on them. They help to create an ethos of a family, a home that makes MIS one of the best all girls’ residential schools across the country.

Smart, talented and unique in their own special way, every MIStar is a dreamer, learner and achiever who is ready to take on the world and pave its own path of success.