“Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” – Mattie Stepanek

Sports not only help develop a competitive spirit amongst the players, but also help them imbibe a sense of discipline and ethos of fair play. Sportsmanship is not just limited to participating in a sport and playing it by the rules, but also playing the game in its true spirit while respecting your fellow players.

Football as a game defines competition, hustle, and unity. Like any other sport, it has its gigantic fan base, where the spectators and followers of the sport worship its players. The game in the modern day has seen its fair share of moments where things got heated up on the field. However, there are moments in the history of the game, when the sporting spirit triumphs above everything.

With the world immersed in the spirit and celebration of FIFA World cup 2018, which is hosted by Russia and has started from 14th June, spectators from all around the world are flying to Russia to witness and cheer for their favourite teams.

We at MIS always believe that the true meaning of team spirit lies in aspiring to be the best for the team and giving your 100% when on the field. Every sport at MIS aims at teaching the meaning and value of sportsmanship, so our girls can achieve the skill and proficiency while learning and imbibing these lessons in their life too. The training given in the field moulds our girls into developing true sportsmanship while working towards a team to emerge as champions.

While on the fields, our girls work in full harmony with each other and showcase fairness, honesty, integrity and team spirit in their game. While at play, they learn how to work together under pressure and in cooperation. Seeing the girls in action on the field displays their sportsmanship where they work harmoniously towards winning the matches.

Football as a game has taught them to be more competitive while imbibing sportsmanship. The game binds them together, helping them to understand another important element of sportsmanship i.e. team spirit. While playing together as a team, the girls learn the importance of mutual co-operation for winning the matches. Another important aspect of sportsmanship that is one of the most important lessons is to be able to accept defeat with honour and grace. Being on the field and playing both inter and intra-school matches, where they have tasted victory and defeat, have taught them how to accept defeat with pride and a cheerful smile. This, in turn, drives respect towards them and has also helped them in perfecting their game.

Traits such as honesty and genuine compassion go a long way in football. The game celebrates sportsmanship and teamwork in its truest form. All of us at MIS are enthused to watch the teams competing at FIFA World CUP 2018 in action and wish good luck to each one of them.