The true purpose of education is to cater towards an overall development of the child. As an interplay of intelligence and character, education should not just restrict us to homework and tests but help us expand our knowledge about things around us and help us hone our skills. The secret to maximizing your potential as an individual during your school years is by finding the right balance between studies and co-curricular activities.

Our vision as an educational institution has always been to provide a safe and nurturing environment for our girls which cater towards their holistic development. MIS is a place where she not just excels at academics but also reaches her maximum and true potential by taking part and excelling in sports and co-curricular activities as well. We provide them with various platforms where they can showcase their talents and skills. With programs such as IBDP we aim to acknowledge the balance that is necessary between academics and co-curricular activities.

Here are some of the ways which can help you balance your studies and co-curricular activities and help you grow as an individual-

Manage your time well- 

Homework and assignments are an important part of your school years, while it is necessary to complete them on time, it is also equally necessary that you don’t just end up becoming a bookworm. Take time for things you love to do. Whether you enjoy playing a particular sport or love to groove on the rhythm of music. Make sure that you take out time for activities that make you happy. Taking part in such activities will not only improve your skill set but will also keep you mind and body active.

Prepare a Time- table

Priortising can be a tough thing especially when it comes to maintaining a balance between studies and co-curricular activities. Prepare a time table and divide your time sustainably. You can try churning out more time for academics on the weekdays and spent more time taking part in cultural and sports activities over the weekends. This will help you organize your schedule, avoiding any clashes and making sustainable use of your time.

Talk to Your Teachers/Parents

With a no. of things to juggle in terms of studies, sports and co-curricular activities, it is normal to feel stressed. Don’t worry, if you are not able to find a way to manage things, seek the help of your teachers and parents, they will be able to guide you well. Talk to them about your interests and weak points, in order for them to carve out a schedule that will be useful in keeping your schedule in track.

Have the right attitude

Most importantly, it is essential to believe that you can manage your time. Be optimistic in your approach. Push yourself, question, explore and learn rather than giving up. Procrastination and pessimism are the biggest hurdles in your development. Keep motivating yourself in order to reach your maximum potential.

While one may argue that academics are of primary importance but an effective balance between extracurricular activities and academics can lead to a fulfilling and satisfying life. Getting involved in the co-curricular domain will help you grow mentally, physically and emotionally, helping you discover your true potential and developing you as an individual.