Being a mother is beautiful feeling: pure and unconditional. It is also a transformative experience. As a child learns and grows, so does the mother. It also requires taking decisions, that would impact the future of the child. One such decision is choosing the right learning environment. It’s decisions like these that turn a mother into an extraordinaire.

Sending your daughter to a boarding school is always a bittersweet experience. The happiness and pride of ensuring the best learning experience is mixed with the concern of seeing her off. “Will she be alright?” “What if she doesn’t eat on time?” “How will she make friends?” “Will she be safe?” Questions are running through your head. And no amount of preparation can keep them at bay.

When a daughter enters through the gates of the MIS campus for the first time, she has similar concerns running through her head but those are quickly taken care of. The beautiful campus, fellow students (who will soon turn into lifelong friends) and the range of activities turn the school into a second home in a couple of days. But more than that, it’s the teachers that ensure that your daughter is growing and learning in a safe and nurturing environment.

A teacher in a boarding school takes care of the children as her own. There is a strong feeling of motherhood, which makes the students feel comfortable and helps them blossom. A teacher takes on many roles: a guardian, mentor, friend and confidante – something which is otherwise reserved for mothers. A teacher’s duty goes far beyond the scope of the classroom, offering the gentle balance of discipline and encouragement for your daughter to push her limits.

MIS is a school which is deeply rooted in tradition. The students grow in an environment surrounded by values, ethics and morals that help them in becoming responsible and impactful individuals later on. Just as a parent would inculcate the values of respect, honesty, friendship and more, so does the school and its teachers.

Motherhood is an expression of love, care and protection and not limited to an individual. Motherhood transcends the boundaries of distance, age and relation and is one of the most beautiful emotions. We ensure that even if a daughter is away from her mother, she isn’t away from motherhood.