Summer time in India often shows us some extraordinary flowering and fragrant trees, we cannot help admiring those beautiful blossoms in a riot of colours ! Such sights are not uncommon ,while we are driving from one place to another in a tropical country, and many of us have experienced the wonders of witnessing extraordinary plant life in the mountains, or sea side areas or anywhere else in the world, and cannot help, but admire those creations.What we forget is : what makes their appearance possible ?!
Roots, never take the credit for their beautiful branches leaves ,flowers and fruits, their trees come up with, giving, and fuelling life from down below silently! But for them, we would be bereft of all life we see around us, in fact life would not be possible .

These thoughts often invade my being, why are we only focused on what we see on surface, and not beyond !

This applies to the roots of mankind as well.a little while ago, I saw a photograph of the parents of a popular, FB friend, which looked like a picture of contentment, and could make out their son was trying to carry forward what they supplied him with.

I feel, it is because of this lack of recognition of our roots : ancestors ,parents extended families , unknowingly we became, self centred, and unaware of where we came from, or got most of what we have by the way of qualities, and our physical beings as well.

To my mind paying our respect to our elders is about holding them and the values they gave us, dear to our hearts, and expressing our love to them If they are around!