While mothers are considered the heart of the family, fathers are the roots that hold the family together. A father’s role in the development of a child is beyond just carrying a mantle of leadership. He has a critical role to play in the lives of his children, especially daughters.

A father has even greater influence on his daughter than a mother when it comes to the development of behavioural traits. How a father approaches life will serve as an example for his daughter to design her own life, even if she chooses a different view of the world. Daughters, who grow up with a protective and a loving father around them, grow up to be women of substance with a sense of individuality and strength. Men who are nurturing and loving help foster a positive sense of self in their daughters. A father’s presence in his daughter’s life affects how she relates to all men who come after him and can impact her view of herself and psychological well-being.

How a father treats his mother and other women in his life also impact a daughter’s psychology. A positive behaviour with other women builds up a positive body image in a child’s mind. How a man views other women and how he expects them to be in general often tends to effect how his daughter sees herself. Fathers who show their daughters and wives unconditional love have higher rates of building a positive body image in their daughters which sticks with them for much part of their lives.

The other important factor that helps build his daughter’s confidence and morale is communication. It is the key to strengthen a father-daughter bond. Daughters who are easily able to communicate with their fathers have a better sense of relationships and communication with both males and females in their lives. A healthy communication between dads and daughters leads to a healthy mental life of a woman. Girls with a solid sense of self are often their daddy’s buddy at least for a while when growing up. To develop this healthy relationship it is crucial for dads to be present in their daughter’s life — even during the awkward tween and teen age when she goes through various hormonal developments. When fathers focus on cultivating a trusting relationship during this stage, their daughters feel secure talking to them about what’s going on in their lives.

A strong and healthy father-daughter relationship ensures a healthy and stable mental life. According to studies, daughters who don’t have a healthy bond with their father are more likely to engage in aggressive behaviour, tend to perform poorly in school and are more prone to mental illness. Therefore, it is highly important to build a nurturing and caring relationship with your daughter.

On the occasion of Father’s Day, strengthen the bond between you and your daughter; be her buddy, build a healthy communication with her, and nurture her to become a strong and independent woman.