At MIS, we understand the concerns you may have for your daughter. As a parent, nothing can be more important than ensuring your daughter is studying in a safe environment where she can be who she wants to be. MIS is a home away from home, which maintains traditional values in a family atmosphere.

Residential Facilities

The boarding staff at MIS plays a pivotal role in the pastoral, social and emotional well-being of students. The boarding team is headed by the Principal who is supported by highly qualified and skilled teaching and residential staff, including the Housemothers, Assistant Housemothers; a range of support staff take due care of your daughter’s needs. Each child is under the supervision and care of a Boarding Housemother responsible for her specific age group.

MIS provides an environment whereby your daughter can develop her intellectual talents in an atmosphere of positive encouragement which values effort and helps them develop qualities of leadership and teamwork. The daily prep is well-structured, supervised, orderly and silent.

Food Services

MIS serves delicious, nutritious and wholesome food to its MIStars. In consultation with a nutritionist, MIS ensures that the food is of the highest quality. Backed up by well-equipped kitchens, the menu includes vegetarian options from across the country and also from Oriental, Continental and other cuisines.

Moreover, a cleanliness inspection round in the dining hall, dorms and the academic block are adhered to by the Cleanliness & Personal Hygiene Committee constituted for the purpose.

Health Services

MIStars have access to specialist doctors, physiotherapists and other medical experts from Mussoorie and Dehradun.

There is a designated counsellor whose primary focus is to ensure your daughter’s success at school. Therefore, their mental and physical health is ensured as the school provides your daughter with confidential access to counsellors, off-campus psychologists or registered clinical counsellors.

At Mussoorie International School, there will always be support available for your daughter. This is the place where she will take the spotlight and soar high.