Education is a powerful weapon that has the power to change the world. There is no limit to what heights one can reach through education. But, fostering the right kind of atmosphere for learning is crucial so that quality education can be provided.

Every child has different aspirations. At MIS, we understand that a solid foundation and a quality education have a long-lasting impact on an individual. We strive to give your daughter an abundance of knowledge and exposure so that she can polish her skills. An upbringing that has all the right ingredients of academic support is essential to make your daughter a well-rounded woman of excellence. At MIS, one can find teachers who are true gurus in their own fields. Your daughter will be surrounded by intellectual companions who will encourage her to excel at every step and to grab the opportunity at every chance life presents to her.

The MIS Imagineering Centre plays a major role in the recognition of your daughter’s unique potential and provides everything – from equipment in sports to instruments in music, from providing a stage to showcase her skills to a canvas so that she can express herself. We, at MIS, work hard to nurture her ambitions and provide a path where she can pursue her precious dreams.

The in-classroom time is what matters a lot. At MIS, each classroom is equipped with a Smart class, which is a vast repository of digital instruction materials e-mapped to meet the specific objectives laid out by different learning standards and curricula by schools across the country. It enhances multiple skills, thus giving the students an interactive way to engage and assimilate useful information that physical books cannot impart. The content repository consists of thousands of highly animated, lesson-specific, 3D and 2D multimedia modules built with an Instructor-led design that allows the teacher to effectively explain the lesson in a typical classroom with a diverse set of learners. Teachers can also create their own smart tests and use them in the class for assessment.

Learning should never be forced, it should be an enjoyable experience. This way, the student can retain more of what is being taught. Your daughter can truly spread her wings as she discovers the supportive learning environment at MIS.