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Top Boarding Schools in India
Top Boarding Schools in India | Mussoorie International School

Our vision for your daughter lays emphasis on wholesome development of the student in all spheres of her life. Our focus is on four key pillars: academic, social, emotional and technological growth.

These four learning pillars are rooted in the belief of the all empowering “GAYATRI MANTRA”, the school inculcates in every child the power of tolerance, acceptance and respect for oneself as well as others. We do this by offering global education braced by a strong foundation of Indian traditions, cultures and values. 

Academic Intelligence – Where she will be INTRIGUED by her own INTELLECT

MIS IS THE STAR OF Top Boarding Schools in India


The pedagogy we follow is competent and contemporary. Our sole aim is to serve and make our students adept to the best teaching and learning practices & make them ready for a dynamic future. We focus on activity based experiential learning where every student is an active participant and a contributor to the learning process and curriculum. 

Mussoorie International School is one of the Best Top Boarding Schools in India. We give the opportunity to every student to show their hidden talent. We also provide opportunities to students to join different clubs, (Robotics, Theatre, Photography, Debate, etc) , sports, events, social responsibilities, etc. and we have all facilities where students to learn and enjoy practical skills like swimming pool, laboratory, library, Dormitory.

Emotional Intelligence – Where CARING is not just a duty but a CULTURE

Boarding  is the heart of MIS and our boarding staff play a pivotal role in the pastoral, social and emotional well being of their students. 

The Best Top Boarding Schools in India - MISINDIA
Top Boarding Schools in India | Mussoorie International School

Social Intelligence – Where She will dance to the beat of her own DRUMS

MIS students embrace opportunities to learn in collaborative environments where different perspectives are encouraged and valued. We value diversity of thought and understand the power of an inclusive and united community. MIS girls foster respectful, resilient and inclusive relationships, and harness the power of diversity to enrich their worldview.

Technological Intelligence – For an innovative future with a view to RISE 

A strong technological curriculum can potentially “build” the leaders of tomorrow. 

MIS girls are taught the ability to leverage technology to create new knowledge, new challenges, and new problems and to complement these with critical thinking, complex problem solving, and social intelligence to solve the new challenges. 

She is the future and the future is hers!

Give her a chance…..