Boarding schools
Mussoorie international school

For many parents, the idea of dropping their child off at a boarding schools tugs at the heartstrings. However, boarding schools life lessons of self-reliance, respect, and self-discovery are invaluable. These young adults usually perform better academically because they live in an environment that is conducive to learning. 

The Boarding Community At MIS 

Boarding Schools life is the heart of MIS and boarding staff play a pivotal role in the pastoral, social, and emotional well-being of their students. Our boarding community is led by our esteemed Principal, supported by highly qualified and skilled teaching and residential staff, including Housemothers, Assistant Housemothers, and a range of support staff.

“MIS is a home away from home, which maintains traditional values in a family atmosphere.”

About Our Boarding Schools Program

There are three boarding houses, Gayatri, Santoshi, and Laxmi. Each child is under the supervision and care of a Boarding Housemother responsible for her specific age group. Each purpose-built boarding house provides modern amenities including attractive bedrooms accommodating five-eight students, bath and shower facilities, comfortable common and recreational rooms, a quiet area, and a library.

Impact Of The Boarding Schools Experience 

Boarding schools
Mussoorie international schoool
Boarding schools
Mussoorie international school

We provide an environment whereby students can develop their talent in an atmosphere of positive encouragement and happiness!  

We make sure that students learn to be considerate towards each other. Our dorms are also constructed in such a way that they encourage interaction and assimilation amongst students.

We continuously encourage our students to take up activities that they really enjoy. Be it sports, theatre, dance, art, or poetry, students not only get opportunities to explore but also get professional training to hone their skills. For more information on our performing arts program, 

Our students live and attend classes with people from a variety of cultures; therefore, they learn to appreciate and respect the differences in one another and live amicably. Here students learn to be self-dependent, learn to share, and develop many qualities like discipline, leadership, teamwork, etc. contributing to their overall development.

Life at boarding schools is full of new experiences, learning, and joy. MIS provides every student with a safe environment and an opportunity to grow as an individual. It is truly a home away from home.

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