Boarding school for girls is an important part of your daughter’s life. The people she meets, the bonds she cultivates, and the habits she forms during these years, all act as a harbinger of things to come. Her personality is molded in these formative years and the habits she imbibes, while at school, will play a major/lasting role in her life, often contributing more to her development than her family does.

Common wisdom indicates that getting connected with the correct peer group accelerates learning, helps one find important resources and helps imbibe the right habits in a person.

An old saying by Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of your 5 closest friends, i.e. your peer group”.
Your daughter’s peers will therefore determine, to a large extent, her nature and her choices in life. Be it in the dorm room or classroom, her friends will always be with her in school and will be a pervasive aspect. For a long time to come, they will play a dominant role in the decisions she makes, the attitude she embodies/chooses, and ultimately, the path she takes. At an age when she begins to share more intimate bonds with her friends, such as sharing personal secrets and feelings, having the right peer group and peer relationships will change her life for the better. Therefore, to become a better version of herself, it is important that your daughter spends time with the right people.

A school is much more than just academics. It’s where dreams are born and crucial decisions about life are taken. There is much to learn about the life, relationships, and careers. Sometimes, a piece of advice from the right person is all that is needed to set foot in the right direction. Meaningful conversations and intellectual discussions have the power to stimulate the mind and act as a catalyst for change.

MIS is home to bright and industrious students, the likes of which will help your daughter set ambitious goals and inspire her to follow the correct path in life. Moreover, the school’s homely atmosphere and pastoral care make your daughter feel at home.

At MIS, we ensure that each student is cared for and finds the help or support she needs, at every stage of her journey. Be it academics or extra-curricular activities, MIS is always at the forefront. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to the all-around development of your daughter.