There’s a proverb that a school is the best place for education. Typically, students go home after school,
but some schools provide full-time boarding facilities. This blog will talk about the best boarding schools
in India. Boarding schools offer A-grade education and a well-supervised environment, which benefits
students in today’s scenario. Boarding schools are residential schools that provide education and meals
to students away from home. The term “boarding” is known as ‘room and board’ which means living and
meals. The kids studying in such schools live and experience all activities while away from home.
Residential schools are the best option for parents who cannot give much time to their children or live in
a non-child-friendly environment. Studies and activities vary significantly in different boarding schools.
Still, their main motto remains the same, i.e., thriving students with discipline and education. Education
in schools in India is considered the best education.

In school, students stay together with other students. In addition to their studies and extracurricular
activities, they go through a lot of physical exercises, ultimately making their bodies fit and sound. The
teachers in boarding schools are experienced, qualified, and dedicated. Therefore, they can help the
students get good exam marks. These boarding schools are situated away from the busy city life, which
allows the students to live a new lifestyle. Also, the peaceful environment of these schools is cleaner and
fresher than city life. Boarding schools are equipped to take care of basic amenities like medical
assistance, personal grooming, and the child’s needs. The kids can enjoy freedom while guided by
responsible teachers who care for the children’s safety and well-being.

Boarding Schools in India
Boarding schools are where students stay on campus for extended periods. These are generally located
far from bustling city life in a calm environment so students can focus on their studies and other
extracurricular work. Boarding schools are like a home for the students who stay there. Nowadays,
residential schools are gaining popularity due to their positive impact on students’ lives. Students living
in these schools get a chance to explore themselves more and live independent life. Many boarding
schools offer better facilities and opportunities than day schools, so students can make the best of their
time at school.

Why opt For Boarding Schools in India

best boarding schools for girls
Best Boarding Schools in India have a well-equipped infrastructure with various facilities like ultra-
modern classrooms, advanced laboratories, libraries, sports centers, and much more. These schools
accommodate students and staff members in separate hostels according to gender. Boarding Schools in
India emphasize the overall development of children by promoting various extracurricular activities such
as drama, dance, music, arts, and sports. The teaching faculty at these schools is highly qualified, with
years of experience teaching various subjects like mathematics, science, English, etc. Students can learn
and grow with other children from different parts of the country. Children get exposed to new cultures,
traditions, lifestyles, and languages that they would not have experienced otherwise. Boarding schools
help students develop adaptability, independence, and resourcefulness early. The environment at a
residential school offers many opportunities for sports, arts, and leadership activities.

An all-girls boarding school, The Mussoorie International School, often referred to as MIS, is situated on 40 acres. It was established in 1984, providing boarding facilities for classes I-XII, and is located in the city of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. The school is affiliated with CISCE and CIE. It is divided into three groups- Lakshmi (orange), Gayatri(blue), and Santoshi(yellow), showing an all-girls culture by the names of Goddesses. It is an international hub for girls across the globe, currently meaning students from 27 countries. Studying and teaching in this school are done using cutting-edge education Technology in the form of smart classes. The school is ranked 1st in “Best all-girls residential school for pastoral care” and fourth in “Best all-girls residential school in India,” The school strives to impart indispensable global and extensive education based on a solid foundation of Indian cultures and values.

MIS India is among the best boarding schools in India. At MIS, the focus is on the overall development of the student. They strive to achieve the growth of our students by focusing on: Enlightenment through academics
 Empowerment through technology
 Enrichment through creative and performing arts
 Excellence in sports
 Environment consciousness
 Empathy towards humanity

At MIS India, they work towards understanding students’ different learning needs and providing them
with an enriched environment. Just as the kids are taught lessons on reading, writing, and mathematics,
they also focus on teaching the values of compassion, integrity, respect, and empathy from the
beginning. There are various traditions followed at MIS India for the development of girls. A few of them
which are followed include:

Weekly Havan: This is conducted to develop the spiritual side of the girls. This also helps in
spreading positive vibes throughout the campus.
Talent Fiesta: This is an annual inter-school cultural event where every child brings forward their
unique talents.
Annual Sports Day: The sportsmanship of the students is celebrated through this practice.
Annual Prize Day: This special day is held in November to honor the students for their valuable
contribution to the school traditions.

At MIS, teachers serve a purely vegetarian diet to students. The multi-cuisine food is made by expert in-
house catering staff in a clean kitchen, following all the safety protocols. The kitchen staff takes
particular care of students with food allergies. Concerned that many students and staff are sensitive to
nuts, gluten, dairy, and other foods, they strive to keep these needs in mind while planning the menu.
The student menu is made in consultation with the nutritionist and dining hall committee, which also
consists of students and staff. They serve five meals daily, including breakfast, a juice break, lunch, a
teatime snack, dinner, milk, and cookies before bed. Girls have access to the school Hospital, where staff
provide on-campus medical assistance and educate and counsel students about healthy lifestyle choices.
A nurse is always on duty or called in the school reception area. The school hospital is equipped with
beds for comfortable overnight stays. It also has access to specialist doctors, physiotherapists, and other
healthcare experts.
MIS India is motivated by Gurudev Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharyaji, famous for the “Revolution of
thought.” His words “Hum badlenge, Yug badlega” will inspire and remain with us forever. Get your
daughter admitted to the top boarding school for girls in India.