Like they say, successful people never reach their success alone. For every goal that you have achieved in your life, you can track down each to a mentor who helped you in achieving it. When you have a mentor, you are learning from someone who has already arrived at where you want to be. They know exactly what it takes to get there and what sacrifices are needed to be made. That’s the power and influence a mentor has in your life.

Mentoring is important not only because of the knowledge and skills students can learn from mentors but also because it provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success in school and beyond.

Quality mentoring greatly enhances chances for success. Students who experience good mentoring also have a greater chance of securing academic tenure-track positions or greater career advancement.

Mentoring takes many different forms, ranging from the formal arrangement between a student and teacher in a school to informal relationships people develop throughout their careers.

Take the example of Gopi Chand, the man behind creating talents like Saina, Sindhu, Srikanth, Kashyap and more. He is a man who has single-handedly raised the bar for the game. From opening an academy by putting his own property into the mortgage to keep hitting the court at 4.15 every single day requires the unabating love for the sport and country along with a serious commitment to discipline and principles.

Another instance of great mentorship is Bisweshwar Nandi, the head coach of Dipa Karmakar, the first Indian female gymnast ever to compete in the Olympics and the first to do so in 52 years.

Ergo, a mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. There are going to be a lot of uncertainty when you choose a new path in your life and a mentor will help you to build your confidence and pass along perspectives which you need to hear. They come to us with the wisdom which they have gathered over the years. If we allow them, they can point out attitudes or behaviours which can have a positive or negative impact on our lives.

When you have a mentor in your life, you will always be connected with them no matter what. It doesn’t matter how many goals you achieve or how successful you get, the connection you share will still always be there.