If you went to one, you know what it’s like and how different it is from other co-education schools simply because it had its own amazing perks.
Here are 5 Signs you can definitely relate if you went to an All-Girls Boarding School:
1.The friendships made are deep and forever
The friendships made at all girls schools are built on extreme honestly and are unfiltered. You know no matter how weird you’re acting or how unkempt you may look, your friends will just see you for you.

  1. Your uniform becomes a part of you
    You embark upon a co-dependent relationship with your uniform and you simply love it.
  2. You play all sports and games
    The best thing about an all girls school is that there are no such issues like the boys sports teams outshining girls teams. You can even try out different other sports and you are more sort of a doer than just a watcher.
  3. You learn about self worth and confidence
    While many young girls are caught up in self-consciousness, and doubt, an all-girls’ school can provide an environment to foster sisterhood and self-expression.
  4. You learn to prioritize
    Girls boarding schools are very competitive. No matter how much frustrating it might have been for you at that time, it actually helped you to learn how to prioritize your studies and co-curricular activities. This skill actually becomes incredibly good when you realize that eliminating unnecessary activities from your life is necessary to help you focus on the ones that will actually benefit you.