Experts around the world, agree that well-mannered children grow up to be more liked by their peers and become better leaders. As children grow up into young adults, one of the most remarkable aspects of the character that is essential for them to learn and imbibe is the way in which they will conduct themselves towards others.

Though good manners and etiquettes are relevant to all children, girls are always encouraged and taught to conduct themselves with grace and poise. Their boarding school journey cultivates manners and etiquettes which are a direct reflection of the strong, independent woman they will become in the future.

Mussoorie International School has always been the epitome of nurturing girls in a disciplined and caring environment, educating every girl to conduct herself in a decorous manner.

Here is how MIS helps children develop good manners and etiquettes –

• Living amongst their peers and working together in teams, children become more considerate and responsible towards each other. This not only strengthens interpersonal bonds but also inculcates the character of being a team player which in future helps them to emerge as strong role models and leaders of the global world.

• The weekly havans at MIS, aims at developing values in girls that guide them in cultivating good manners and keeps them rooted to their traditions, while at the same time helping them feel spiritually empowered.

• In the very heart of boarding school, lies the ‘dorm culture’ a synonym for honest and lifelong friendships. Living in dorms not only teaches bedside manners and social etiquettes but following routines, make the girls more organised and focused. All these being the virtue of a strong, independent woman.

• The true meaning of being a global citizen requires knowledge and acknowledgement of social codes as well as compassion towards cultures around the world. Catering to a global student base, MIS ensures that the girl’s master formal and informal introductions and different forms of address whilst practicing the social skills of meeting, greeting and building rapport with cultural sensitivity.

• The advent of technology is blurring the lines when it comes to old-fashioned manners. ‘Technology etiquette’ is a new age etiquette that has made children inclined towards spending more time staring at their smartphones and tablets rather than with people. With the emphasis on minimal use of technology by the girls in form of social media and smartphones at MIS, the school aims to teach them the lesson of sustainable and cautious use of technology and cultivate the value of interpersonal relationships.

• Good table manners for children are essential skills that should be developed from a young age. In a boarding school culture, children are educated and trained about the importance of basic dining etiquettes. At MIS, girls learn to navigate a formal table setting, proper cutlery usage and how to eat difficult-to-manoeuvre foods with style and grace, helping them being at par with global standards of etiquettes and mannerism.

• In today’s world, where one’s personality is a true reflection of oneself. MIS ensures, every girl learns to project confidence, elegance and charismatic leadership through their body language, attitude and character, enabling them to enhance their social presence.

Good manners, thus act as the significant standard of conduct and children who practice good manners feel more confident and become more proactive in their dealing with life. Boarding School, in every step of the way, ensure that children cultivate good manners which contribute towards their future success, governing them to lead a happy life.