How Does Boarding Schools Help You Prepare For College Life

For young aspirants entering college, the new phase of college life can be a bit overwhelming as far as navigating and adjusting to the new environment is concerned. But there are some who find it a little easier to navigate because they have had a taste of what college life would be like from their boarding schools journey. For boarding schoolers, steering through college becomes easier as they have already been part of an environment that closely replicates the one like college.

Mussoorie International School has maintained the reputation of providing girls with an enriched learning environment, guiding them through future career prospects, and helping them achieve their goals through the able assistance of our staff and trained professionals. This helps the students get an early start when preparing for college life. Our aim has always been to provide them with a learning environment that caters towards their holistic development and motivates them to emerge as leaders of the global world.

In essence, there are a number of ways coming from boarding schools would be an advantage when entering the wonderful world that is college.

  1. Boarding schools are known for having rigorous academic programs. As a result, students feel more challenged and better prepared to take on college academics. The learning environment at MIS combines a broad and rich curriculum that aims towards fulfilling its mission of imparting global education to the girls, helping them choose better and prepare well for their college education.

  2. In Addition to academics, boarding schools encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities and sports, which help them to hone their skills, catering towards their holistic development. These skills aid an individual in standing out from the crowd, creating a unique identity in college, and creating the foundation for a successful future. MIS offers training in a variety of disciplines, giving the girls the freedom to choose activities/sports of her choice which is sure to help her build a comprehensive skill-set that will stay with her, always.

  3. By living on campus away from their families, boarding schoolers get a taste of how college life will be. Providing a supportive environment, boarding schools play an active role in the lives of the borders, guiding and encouraging independence as they learn to navigate through daily life on their own. From making their own bed to waking up on time, MIS guides the girls in leading an independent life and making responsible decisions.

  4. Boarding schools nurture a diverse culture, as they tend to enroll students from across the world. Like colleges, these diverse environments provide rich experiences, as students befriend people from all walks of life. These interactions aid in enhancing the learning culture in the classroom and broadening personal perspectives. MIS offers a unique opportunity for students to experience true diversity by building friendships beyond geographical and linguistic backgrounds.

  5. Boarding schools nurture a ‘dorm culture’ that requires the students to live and work together with their peers, cultivating the characteristics of being considerate and responsible towards each other. These traits prove to be helpful in college in adjusting and developing camaraderie with their college roommates. Girls at MIS, learn to respect each other’s space while developing life-long friendships that help them nurture strong and meaningful connections during their college life.

  6. Another benefit of attending boarding schools, particularly when it comes to preparing for college is the assistance students receive in deciding on their college application process. From helping with researching colleges to guiding them through various career options, college counselors work with students to help them find the best colleges. At MIS, girls get access to well-trained counselors who help them plan their careers and prepare for higher education. They are guided to get admission to the best colleges across the globe.

Boarding schools offer a unique experience. They not only provide students with academic challenges but also various other opportunities which contribute to the personal growth of the students. MIS, every step of the way, guides the girls, preparing them for their college journey, ensuring that they emerge successful in every walk of life.