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Cambridge programmes and qualifications are carefully designed to engage learners and give them solid foundations to achieve high levels of academic and personal attainment.

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IGSSC Classes VI – X

The program offer comprehensive support in four areas, designed carefully around the needs of Cambridge learners and teachers:

Curriculum: develops learners’ knowledge, understanding and skills. Our curriculum sets clear goals for learners and teachers.

Classroom: support and guidance helps teachers and learners perform to their maximum ability. We offer world-class teacher and learner resources.

Qualifications: provide learners with a global passport to success. We offer reliable, rigorous and flexible assessment, leading to internationally recognized qualifications.

Community: brings Cambridge schools, teachers and learners closer together through the sharing of bestpractice and ideas.

English (compulsory)
Mathematics Economics History
Physics Business Studies Biology
Chemistry Accounts French
Art ComputerScience Hindi

AS & A LEVEL Classes XI –XII

Cambridge International AS & A Level curricula are flexible. It gives learners the power to choose and motivate them throughout their studies. This flexibility gives you buildingblocks to build an individualised curriculum that develops your learners’ knowledge, understanding and skills in:

  • in-depth subject content
  • independent thinking
  • applying knowledge and understanding to new as well as familiar situations
  • handling and evaluating different types of information source
  • thinking logically and presenting ordered and coherent arguments
  • making judgements, recommendations and decisions
  • presenting reasoned explanations, understanding implications and communicating them clearly and logically
  • working and communicating in English.
English (compulsory)
Physics Accountancy Mathematics
Chemistry Business Studies Physical Education
Biology Economics Sociology
Computers History
Psychology Hindi
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