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Traditions at MIS

Weekly Havan – At MIS, we believe in developing the SPIRITUAL QUOTIENT of our girls. With the weekly havan, the aura of the school vibrates with celestial positivity.

Investiture Ceremony – The much awaited Investiture Ceremony is held in the beginning of the new session, to formally nominate, and delineate charges to the prefectorial body of the school.

Orientation of new students - The new students who join Mussoorie International School every year undergo an orientation in the school, in order to be acquainted with the new school surroundings, teachers and classmates, and more importantly to feel at home.

Welcome new faces - In a very unique fashion, all new students come together to present a cultural program in front of the whole school to showcase their talent along with the Music and Dance department of the school.

Talent Fiesta - The Talent Fiesta is an intra school cultural event, every year, designed to bring forward the unique talents of every student through a wide spectrum of activities. It is a platform where students not only exhibit their special set of skills, but also take a step forward towards their holistic development and capacity building.

Founder’s Day – MIS celebrates its Founders Day on 31st July of every year. This is one of the biggest and most awaitedevent of the year for the Management, Staff, Students, Alumnae and Parent body of MIS.

Annual Sports Day – At MIS, sports is the way of life, and to celebrate sportsman spirit we celebrate an Annual Sports Day in the month of October.

Annual Prize Day – Annual prize day is held every year in the month of November. Outstanding students in all fields are honored for their valuable contribution to the MIS Tradition of excellence in Value based education.

Farewell – As all good things come to an end so does our session, by bidding adieu to our Grade 12th students as they embark on new journeys, as women of substance.