Mussoorie International School prioritizes campus security and student kindness to create a learning environment where each student feels safe and able to learn and grow.
Safety is a key element of life for students at MIS.  We take great care to ensure that student well-being is our highest priority.   We have a large number of senior staff, teachers and support staff living in and around the campus.  We have several night staff (both female and male) who patrol the campus the through the night to ensure that students have a wakeful point of contact at all times.

The MIS Safety Committee meets regularly to discuss campus needs relating to safety. Among other tasks, the committee establishes plans for disasters, conducts drills, and provides first-aid training to faculty and staff.

We also have an elaborate CCTV network to ensure that students are kept as safe as is reasonably possible.  All activities in which students are involved are assessed to ensure and all reasonable steps taken to ensure the safety of the students concerned.

To know more about your daughter’s safety and security at the MIS premises or for any queries regarding the admission process, please contact Ms. Anju Puri at +91-9837460408 or Email us at