Boarding life is the heart of MIS and boarding staff play a pivotal role in the pastoral, social and emotional well being of their students. The boarding team is headed by the Principal who is supported by highly qualified and skilled teaching and residential staff, including the Housemothers, Assistant Housemothers and a range of support staff.

“MIS is a home away from home, which maintains traditional values in a family atmosphere.”

There are five boarding houses, Gayatri, Santoshi and Laxmi, and Yashasvi House is for the senior grades and the junior dorm for the tiny tots of primary school. Each child is under the supervision and care of a Boarding Housemother responsible for her specific age group. Each purpose-built boarding house provides modern amenities including attractive bedrooms accommodating five-eight students, superb bath and shower facilities, comfortable common and recreational rooms, a quiet area and a Library.

In boarding we provide a home away from home where we maintain traditional values in a family atmosphere. We develop in the whole child a desire for truth, decorum, courtesy and high-achievement. These values are the cornerstones of success.

We provide an environment whereby students can develop their intellectual talents in an atmosphere of positive encouragement and in conditions that are conducive to work. Daily prep is well-structured, supervised, orderly and silent.

We encourage students to participate in activities in an atmosphere which values effort.

We provide a broad range of club activities, hobbies and Sunday activities related to age and maturity that will assist in the personal, social and cultural development of each student. These may include inter-house competitions, instrumental and vocal music, drama, speech and debate, visits to the theatre, festivals, talent fiesta, formal dinners with the Principal, overnight cultural trips, camping, trekking and outward-bound experiences, cricket, basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, snooker, billiards, TT, badminton, weight-training and athletics to mention but a few activities on offer.

We help students to develop qualities of leadership and teamwork and we encourage students to become fully involved in the community life of their house and to recognize and support the needs of others through service to their peers.

Boarding builds self-confidence, freedom, the capacity to interact with adults and fellow-students, self-discipline and a sense of direction. Throughout the experience of boarding friendships are made which last a lifetime and a sense of identity with the school is imbibed strongly.



Mussoorie International School dining program is more than great food – it is committed to a family experience. Students and faculty gather each day for delicious vegetarian meals and to enjoy a sense of community, shared values, and simple togetherness.

Students take their meals in the comfortable ambience of the spacious Dining Hall guided on meal etiquettes by the House mothers and teachers. There is a gracious and orderly atmosphere pervading the dining hall as our students take their seats before meals, beginning with prayers. Food is served to the juniors while the seniors serve themselves. Stress is laid on quality, nutrition and hygiene.

A Menu Committee comprising students and teachers plan the menu and ensure quality, variety and diet options in consultation with a nutritionist. The menu includes vegetarian options from across the country and also from Oriental, Continental and other cuisines.



The convenience of living on campus means you have everything you may ever need close by, including health services when you’re not feeling well.

Students have access to the school Hospital, where staff provide on-campus medical assistance and educate and counsel students about healthy lifestyle choices. A nurse is on duty or on call at all times in the school reception area. The hospital is equipped with beds for comfortable overnight stays.

MIS also has excellent access to specialist doctors, physiotherapists and other medical experts from Mussoorie and Dehradun.

The boarding community has a designated counsellor whose primary focus is to ensure your success at school. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, so the school provides you with confidential access to counsellors, or off-campus psychologists or registered clinical counsellors to give you the support you need.


MIS has been very conscious as an Institution towards each student’s health and hygiene. Every student should be fit and healthy when in campus specially. Personal hygiene is carried out and supervised by the Housemothers as well as the Principal; a routine medical check-up is made by the qualified medical physician under the ‘Health set go’ program. However, parents are always guided that their child should undergo all medical check-ups (especially specialist–oriented problems) as may be required, before each academic session.

A cleanliness inspection round in the dining hall, dorms and the academic block, is adhered by the “Cleanliness & Personal Hygiene Committee” constituted for the purpose, time to time and necessary measures are taken. More use of phenyl with full care in the toilets is made. A fortnightly campus cleaning programme is continuous in practice.


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