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Life at MIS

Boarding is at the very heart of what makes MIS approach to Girls’ education unique. At MIS, great care is taken to ensure that the stay in the hostel is homely, making it a home away from home for students. The school has three separate hostels for Junior, Middle and Senior students. The boarding area provides each student modular furnishing and personal space.

Good pastoral care at MIS is central to every individual girl’s intellectual, spiritual and emotional development. Every House is run by a Housemother and a team of female caretakers, all supported by a School Counsellor.The Housemother provides motherly care and affection, and looks after the basic needs of the students. The House Mothers take care of every student and maintain records of their individual growth. Students can collect their mail and packages from the House Mother's office. The House experience forms the backbone of a girl’s life at MIS. It is her home, her place of learning and the foundation of her group identity.

Our discipline system is firm and rigorous but based on the principles of natural justice and fairness. We operate a traditional seven-day boarding schedule with an academic timetable with lessons from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is reserved for extra activities and opportunities for pupils to catch up with themselves. The theme of well-being is also interwoven into school life; the skills learnt enable pupils to think ahead, be resilient and resourceful and to develop strategies that they will carry with them long after they have walked out of the school gates.