“Never stop learning
Because life never stops teaching”

At MIS, we believe that every experience is a learning experience. That is why we aim to create the most enriching experiences, both within the confines of the classroom and beyond.  In addition to our cutting edge education technology, we also have

Student Support Services
Helping the student to become an independent and confident learner
Buddy program – Facilitates the smooth settling in process of new students
Counseling: through trained school counselors
Mentorship Program: Students are divided into groups and each group is attached to a Mentor who provides academic guidance to the group
Bridge classes offered to students joining mid term to enable them to come up to speed with their peers.

Enrichment program
MIS runs various enrichments program like talks and presentations by experts; visits to relevant sites to museums; professional story telling sessions; etc.

Co – Curricular Activities Evaluation
In line with International best practices, a holistic development is measured beyond just academic measurement. MIS measurement systems monitor student’s performance in sports and co-curricular activity, helping the students improve systematically and gradually at the sport or activity.

Unique and dedicated competitive platforms for in-school talent development used to develop qualities like confidence, assertiveness, presentation skills, oratory skills
These competitions include – MIStar , MISJhankaar, MIS Madam Curie Program, MIS Leadership Lecture Series, MIS Creative Stage etc

For any queries regarding admission process and other details about the school please contact Ms. Anju Puri at +91-9837460408 and Email us at director.admissions@misindia.org.