Ranked #2 Best all-girls residential school in Uttarakhand, #3 Best all-girls residential school in India and #1 Best all-girls residential school in India for Pastoral Care, our laurels speak for themselves.

Mussoorie International School is a place where not only your daughter will be nurtured but also she will get a safe environment to explore and spread her wings. She will have a serene campus and positive surroundings to develop everlasting bonds of friendship based on mutual trust and respect.

We nurture the way girls learn most effectively, often with open discussion and group projects. Our faculty is available, involved, and interested in her. We also understand that the requirements of your daughter vary every day, and as she grows, her way of learning also grow with her. That is why, we are there for her at every age, at every stage.

Every step
is an adventure and an opportunity

Children are curious by nature, specially in the formative years of their lives. They like to run, explore, ask questions and make friends. This is why we, at MIS, ensure that their curriculum and learning program are tailored towards those requirements.

Teaching independence at an early age allows a MIStar to be ready to face all challenges head on later in her life. That is why at MIS, every student is responsible for taking care of her clothes, books and other stuff by herself. At the same time, she always has someone to look up to and guide her so that she may do the same when she grows up. She grows up in an environment that is safe and secure.  A value based education system inculcates in her a deep respect for traditions, while giving her an innate understanding of the present.

Unique Individuals
One Identity

The years of her life when everything is changing, her mind, body and perspective of life. It’s a hard time, full of uncertainties and confusion. It is at this time when we provide her with a constant – her identity. Being a MIStar becomes her strength at a time when she needs it the most. Even though every girl is unique in her own way, they have a shared belonging to the school, making her feel safe and connected. She would build a high self esteem and would dare to dream. She will discover her innate talents, interests, and skills and will be engaged – intellectually, creatively, athletically, aesthetically, historically and spiritually. MIS is a place which on the one hand will keep her anchored to her traditions and lineage and on the other give her a modern outlook.

MIStars don’t graduate
They become a legacy

MIS will give her a platform to speak her mind and to make choices. Her class options will be diverse and innovative. She would get an opportunity to interact with renowned Writers, Classical Dancers and Musicians as well Life Coaches. In campus, she will get to try her hand at Mahesh Bhupati Tennis Academy as well as a chance to explore the life journey through Art of Living Classes. The curriculum will expand her mind and stimulate her curiosity. The combination of classroom, community and culture will make her journey a truly transformative experience.

Her personal and academic journey will include preparation for life beyond our campus. Our college counselling program will support her journey, and her college decisions will be informed by her academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular experiences. When she takes that next step, she will join generations of young women who began carving their futures at MIS and are now realizing their dreams and leading the world by example

For any queries regarding admission process and other details about the school please contact Ms. Anju Puri at +91-9837460408.