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Importance of the right peer group

December 13, 2018

Boarding school is an important part of yourdaughter’s life. The peopleshe meets, the bonds she cultivates and the habits she forms during these years, all act asa harbinger of things to come.Her personality is moulded in these formative yearsand the …

What it takes to be a high achiever?

December 13, 2018

In every classroom, there are students who are extraordinarily successful in their studies. Such students are always willing to work tirelessly over a long span of time in pursuit of their goals. MIS is a place where we strive to …

The teaching methodology at MIS

October 7, 2018

Bundled with expectations and beaming with enthusiasm, many girls with dreams take admission into MIS, desirous to carve their own path towards a bright future.As an institution, we understand the needs of every child and strive to provide them with a world class education. If your …

Fostering an atmosphere of learning

September 28, 2018

Education is a powerful weapon which has the power to change the world. There is no limit to what heights one can reach through education. But, fostering the right kind of atmosphere for learning is crucial so that quality education can be provided. Every child has different aspirations. At MIS, …

Pastoral care at MIS

August 23, 2018

At MIS, we understand the concerns you may have for your daughter. As a parent, nothing can be more important than ensuring your daughter is studying in a safe environment where she can be who she wants to be. MIS is …

Who is a MIStar

June 20, 2018

MIS is a unique institution that upholds Indian culture and values, creating a blend of traditional Indian morals and 21st century outlook. An exciting and learning curriculum, inspiring teachers along with an international mix of student makes MIS the school …