Every child is not the same. And every child needs a different kind of attention. Some children particularly have a difficulty to be able to grasp things and learn them quickly.

At MIS, we understand the needs of children who have difficulty in learning, by guiding them with the right means of encouragement.  

By breaking their lessons into small steps, we help them to understand things better and to attain knowledge without much difficulty. Through positive reinforcements such as love, support and motivation, it becomes easier for children to learn and understand things with ease.

At Mussoorie International School, our teachers use these intervention to help a child with learning disability:

  1. Administering probes
  2. Identifying what modes of communication helps an individual student to learn
  3. Breaking learning into small steps
  4. Giving regular and positive feedback to the child
  5. Using diagrams, graphics and pictures to help them understand what is being explained
  6. Providing independent, well-designed intensive practice through the latest technologies.
  7. Engaging students in the process of learning through an interactive class sessions.

At MIS, we focus on the development of every individual student to strengthen the growth of the classroom. Therefore, we try our best to help students who have difficulty in learning at a personal level.

For any queries regarding admission process and other details about the school please contact Ms. Anju Puri at +91-9837460408 and Email us at director.admissions@misindia.org.