Every child is different and so is her aspiration. She wishes to fly high, she wants to build her dreams. She needs to be inspired. She needs to be cheered. She deserves opportunities that will steer her through the obstacles, leading her to a step closer to her dreams. She is worthy of all what gives her wings to fulfill her ambitions.

MIS strives to give its girls abundance of knowledge to and exposure to polish their skills.

It is the children of today who will be the ones building the world tomorrow. It’s how we encourage them today to pursue their dreams.

We Let her Discover Passion– Each child has an interest. We recognize each one’s potential and encourage her to explore it further. We keep her amidst abundance of activities so that she discovers what interests her.

Exposure to Opportunities – MIS makes sure its girls get exposure to showcase her talent and skills at a competitive level. With this comes the inspiration and the competence to face the world. She becomes perseverant and at the same time becomes a team player.

Expertise - We build on her interests and provide her with required guidance to give a right direction to her efforts. We give special attention to how they are engaged in their respective hobbies because we feel there are hints for a bright future in the respective fields that lies underneath.

Provision of Resources - From equipment in sports to instruments in music. From giving a stage to showcase their skills to a canvas to express themselves. We at MIS give everything to uncover her potential and reach new heights.

She is a budding engineer or may be an aspiring sportswoman. Her dreams are precious. We work hard to nurture her ambitions because we value her and her aspirations.

For any queries regarding admission process and other details about the school please contact Ms. Anju Puri at +91-9837460408 and Email us at director.admissions@misindia.org.