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Inter House Talent Fiesta - 2012 on 27th April, 2012

The Inter house talent fiesta was held on 27th April 2012 under the convenorship of Mrs. P. Kaushik and Ms. A. Tiwari and guidance of the music and dance Department, Mr. S. Gaikwad, Mr. B. Shinde, Mr. B. Jhanvar, Mr. B. Sharma, Mrs. A. Verma, Mrs. D. dhyani, Mrs. C. Roy, Ms. S. Bharti, Ms. R. Gosain and Ms. S. Ghildiyal.

The Talent fiesta at MIS is a unique showcase of traditional art and culture where EVERY student participates compulsorily to contribute valuable points towards her house. She also makes her school, mentors, parents, guardians, friends and peers proud of her foray on stage. Read more..

The Frank Anthony Memorial All India Inter-School Debate Competition - 2012 On 16th April 2012

Mussoorie International School hosted the Frank Anthony Memorial English Debate Competition selection Stage I of Category II.

The Event Conveners were Mrs. S. Roy and Ms. K Handa. The student emcees were Tanvi Jain and Neelam Mohan. The garlanding of the portrait of Maa Gayatri and Gurudev was done by Mr Randhawa, the Chairperson and Mrs. P.Peter, Our Principal, followed lighting of the lamp by Mr. Majumdar, Our Headmaster and three honorable Judges. Read more..

Primary School Camping Trip to Clouds End Resort - 13th to 15th April 2012

Educational tours are arranged twice in a year for the students of Primary School. These interactive and learning trips elevate the soft life skills and the adjustable powers of our young children. It helps to take the teaching learning process beyond the four walls of the classroom to the freedom of inner growth.

We left at 3.00PM on the 13th of April from the school to reach the resort by 5.00PM.The bus took us most of the way from the school but we had to hike for 3 km to reach the resort. Snacks were ready for us .. There after the students were allotted their rooms. Grades 5 and 4 students were put up in tents while grades 1,2 and 3 were allotted hotel rooms. We were in all 68 students, 9 teachers and 2 aunties. They were divided into groups and were given T-Shirts as per their groups- The Mast Octopus, The Brainy Bees, The Brave Butterfly, The Mighty SeaHorse and The Super Starfish. The weather was getting bad and very cold too so the bonfire as per the scheduled was cancelled and the students watched a movie – Kungfu Panda-II in the dining hall. They got tuck and hot soup to drink. After the movie was over Continental dinner was served. The children went to their tents for the night. Read more..

Welcome New Faces on 31st March, 2012

The Welcome New Faces was held on 31st March, 2012 in the school auditorium. It was a kaleidoscopic cultural event which gave a chance to all the new students to perform a cultural program for their MIS family.

The program began with the opening speech of Mrs. Niti Silwal. The students performed fabulously and the program was anchored by the new students- Shagun and Tanya. Read more..

REPORT Investure Ceremony 2012 on 17th March

Investiture ceremony for the year 2012 was held on Saturday 17th March in the school auditorium.

The programme started by seeking the blessings of Gurudev Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharyaji and Maa Gayatri. Then the outgoing Head Girl Rajvee Shukla with her band of prefects led the school in prayers and the school song.

Thereafter the invocation dance was presented by the students under the guidance of Mrs. C. Roy, Ms. S. Bharti and Ms. R. Gusain.

Mr. R. K. Kharbanda began the programme by giving the importance of the Investiture Ceremony, he said ….

“Investiture Ceremony is that occasion where we as a school respect and acknowledge the upcoming leaders and repose trust in them. It is a defining moment for the newly elected where the school entrusts responsibilities on the ‘young leaders’ to uphold the values of the school and to keep ‘the School’ flag flying high while discharging their duties honestly and impartially. Read more..

Holi Festival – Celebration Of Colours 9th March

The entire MIS family came together for the celebration of the Holi festival.

On the 07th of March 2012, we had our classes and games as usual and after dinner all the students and Teachers assembled in the Tennis court and joined together to celebrate the festival of Holika Dahan. At 6.45 pm everyone chanted the Gayatri Mantra, and then the puja was conducted by Mr. V. Jha, which was followed by Holika Dahan. All the girls cheered as the flames rose high. Everyone was served with coffee, gujia, chips and papad.

On the 08th of March 2012, there were no classes held and the students were allowed to watch movies in theirs recreation room. Special lunch was served, which included mater paneer, chhole, jeera rice, mix raita, puri and a sweet dish. Students remained in their respective houses after lunch and utilized the evening for orientation of the new children and selection for the Talent festival by the housemothers.

Annual Examination begins 16th November

Annual Prize Day 12th November

Diwali exeat starts from 23rd October from 2 p.m. and ends 30th October by 5 p.m.

Annual sports Day on 23rd October from 9 a.m. onwards.

Parent teachers meeting grade I to XII on 22nd October from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Educational tour( Excursion) grade I to IX from 18th September to 24th September- 2011.

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