Student Council

The Student Council is the democratically elected, representative body of the entire student community. The Student Council forms the core of MIS student community gaining independence as as they practice self-discipline, cooperation, team spirit and responsibility. They organize several-co-curricular events through the year and also coordinate the student volunteer effort for the school events. The objective of this council is to develop leadership qualities, management abilities and social skills amongst the students.

Daily Schedule

A boarding school gives children a very special experience. The daily routine and the communal living they experience at an early age help them learn self-discipline and self-reliance. A typical day of a student of MIS is as follows:

A working day typically commences at around 5:30 am when the student



Every student at MIS undergoes a general fitness programme that includes daily yoga classes. The skill-set of each student is identified and nurtured, and students are given opportunities to excel, and join the school sports team. Apart from organizing inter-school and