Performing Arts

The benefits of dance are many-fold; they hone physical skills and shape mental abilities. Dance helps exercise almost every part of our body. We encourage students to take up dance in one form or the other. They can choose from Indian Classical-Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi, Manipuri, Kuchipudi -, Indian Folk and Fusion

We have dedicated and gifted maestros in the faculty who not only ignite and enkindle but also sustain the musical spark in our students. The children are chosen according to the aptitude and artistic bent and trained in groups in different disciplines and instruments including drums, tabla, pakhawaj, congo, dholak, naal, bongo, guitar, sitar, violin, santoor, sarod, xylophone and mandolin, harmonium, Casio synthesizer, piano and banjo. In vocal, there is Western and Hindustani- Classical and Light Fusion.

The school showcases its artistic finesse at events like inter-house talent contests, Founder’s Day presentation, inter-school contests and by participating in many other events and competitions.

The nuances of different musical art forms help the young ladies from across


Our faculty members closely interact with students and offer individual guidance. Through personalized counselling sessions, students receive assistance in career planning, self-assessment, development of skills, and coping with change.



Any noble work done for the welfare of others, Lokopakaara, without any desire for fruits and with a sense of surrender to God, is Yagna.