Any noble work done for the welfare of others, Lokopakaara, without any desire for fruits and with a sense of surrender to God, is Yagna. It is done on the basis of Cooperation, Collaboration, Coexistence, Dedication, Devotion, Discipline, Sweetness, Surrender, Simplicity, Worship and Selflessness. The world under the control of God is run on this basis and man can follow this in his life, in different spheres, through detachment and motive of service.


Aayam Yajnayo Bhuvanasya Naabhih - Rig. 1-164-35 Just as the naval influences our body, the YAGNA connotes and promotes egoless-ness, DEVAPOOJAA, SANGATEEKARANA AND DAANA, is the centre around which this universe revolves. The whole of nature exists on these principles. Chaos will rule if these principles, are disrupted.

The YAGNA spirit has to be applied to all aspects of life. Understanding and practising this can lead to overall success and happiness of all concerned.



The students are divided into three houses – Laxmi House, Santoshi House and Gayatri House. The house system inculcates in the students the values of team spirit, commitment, loyalty, sharing and healthy competition. A student is urged to compete with herself, raising her own excellence bar


Educational Tours | Excursions

MIS conducts an annual national excursion for classes I to XII and an annual international trip for classes IX to XII. The school has made it is compulsory for every student to attend the excursion.