Creative Arts

Every Sunday, each student devotes three hours to hobbies, during which they pursue creative and performing arts, and other non-scholastic activities. The school emphasises on Indian classical dance forms as those who practice dance gain in poise, charm and beauty.

Art, Craft and Kinetic Art Activity

Framed Wall Hanging

The student use dried plant parts and colours to let loose their imagination on hand-made paper. These are then framed to be put up as decorative pieces.


The girls use tin plates on which they are encouraged to draw their favourite cartoons or profiles. These are then hammered from the back to create pictures and painted with special kerosene-based colours.

Block Painting

The girls use wooden blocks on table covers, sarees and dupattas dipped in special

Perfortming Arts

The benefits of dance are many-fold; they hone physical skills and shape mental abilities. Dance helps exercise almost every part of our body. We encourage students to take up dance in one form or the other. They can choose from Indian lassical-Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi, Manipuri, Kuchipudi -, Indian Folk and Fusion



Our faculty members closely interact with students and offer individual guidance. Through personalized counselling sessions, students receive assistance in career planning, self-assessment, development of skills, and coping with change.