Boarding Houses

The school takes great care to ensure that the stay in the boarding houses is homely, making it a home away from home for students. The boarding area provides each student modular furnishing and personal space. Good hygiene is maintained in all the amenities and the conveniences made available to students.

Many activities outside the class room take place in the boarding houses. Students take part in inter-house competitions, talent contests, parties, fancy dress or fashion shows and other programmes taking pride in achieving their goals and learning the art of winning and losing gracefully. The houses promote the spirit of healthy competition, and students get the feeling of belonging, right from Grade I to XII. The houses are divided and allotted based on each student’s social and emotional development. The house mothers groom and teach children, giving them love, care and attention.

The boarding houses help the students learn to live harmoniously with one another, and inculcate discipline and self-reliance.


The school has brightly-lit and well ventilated classrooms with Smart Class in every one of them



MIS has Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Mathematics and Computers Labs, equipped with the most modern equipment catering to the